lessons & classes

Lessons & Classes

Meet your coach, Connor Basnight

As a coach and instructor, Connor loves the feeling of empowerment he gets when working with his students and seeing their faces light up when they accomplish something!

Here’s a little bit of info about Connor:

  • Years Playing: 8+ 
  • Player Rating: 5.0 
  • Level II IPTPA Certified Instructor
  • Owner of D3 Pickleball
  • Currently coaching and overseeing all things Pickleball here at SERV!

Private Lessons & Group Classes pricing

Private Lessons

1 Person: $70/hr
2 People: $80/hr ($40 per person)
3 and a Pro: $90/hr ($30 per person)
4 Person Drill: $100/hr ($25 per person)

Group Classes

90min Class: $30 per person

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Lessons & Classes
Lessons & Classes